REICAFE レイカフェ - 石窯ピザ (和歌山県海南市)

OPEN :11:00-21:30
住 所:和歌山県海南市大野中677


Whitebait Senbei愛犬用おやつ しらすせんべい

Shirasu Senbei

Shirasu Senbei, a Whitebait Cracker for Dogs. Product Story

Enjoy traveling with your dog

Personally speaking, when it comes to the enjoyment of traveling, there are many things to enjoy traveling from a human perspective, such as getting away from everyday life, refreshing, local gourmet food, sightseeing, souvenirs and experiences, etc.

Due to my work. I am very interested in local gourmet food.

So, what do you enjoy about traveling from a pet`s perspective?

Food? Snacks? And with your family?

I have a dog and have noticed something.


 Oishi kogen

  • There are many posts on SNS about traveling with pets.
  • The number of hotels where you can stay with pets is increasing.
  • There is an area your dog can run(a small Japanese park) in the service areas.

My dog has food allergies. I go to the animal hospital regularly.

I want my dog to enjoy more trips, scenery and gourmet food.

I thought it would be nice to have a local treat for my dog that I can give with peace of mind at my travel destination.

So, I made it!

Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture, is actually a “city of sweets” and,

“One of the birthplaces of sweets in a Japan” with a long history.

For dog owners who can come to Wakayama on a trip. To your dog, to your dog`s friends.

“Snacks = sweets, and souvenirs” that can be given with peace of mind.

I have handcrafted and commercialized “sweets for every dog that I can give with peace of mind” to my own dog.

  • It`s for dogs, but cats can eat them too.
  • But take care, and be thoughtful of cat food allergies.
  • In fact these snacks and sweets can be eaten by people, but are unsalted, the taste is different from normal crackers.
  • We use 100% fresh whitebait caught in the morning that people can eat as sushi.
  • Because dogs want to eat these Snacks so much, please be careful not to give too much.

REICAFE Italian pizza & Cafe

Oononaka677,Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture



The video is my dog`s friends, that helped with the prototype and tasting.
They said “Tastes good♪OK”Yes! I got it♥

Mog (Chihuahua), Hanpen (French bulldog), Daihuku (Toy poodle)